'Friends of the Cat' was founded in 1991 by Adele Joffe and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
'Friends of the Cat' is a non-profit organisation registered as: 009 625 NPO
Our Mission
Through education and publicity, our Mission is to increase public awareness of its responsibility to animals whose environment we share.
'Friends of the Cat' Profile
'Friends of the Cat' is a Pro-Life Organisation. As a matter of policy, we will not destroy a healthy animal.
Euthanasia is only considered an option if the animal is suffering or the prospect of full recovery is poor.
'Friends of the Cat' works closely with Veterinarians to do the very best possible for all animals in our care.
We encourage sterilisation of all cats as there are too few homes to adopt cats and the feral population is out of control.
As this organisation is entirely dependent on the financial support of members of the public, any assistance you may be able to offer to 'Friends of the Cat' would be greatly appreciated.
Banking Account: FNB Rosebank
Account No: 50631135362
Branch Code: 253305
Donations of items of value for sale at craft markets and exhibitions are also gratefully welcomed.