Abandoned, Lost of Found
If we've been abandoned, lost or found, 'Friends of the Cat' offer an advisory service for homing us.
If you would like to provide us with a forever home, 'Friends of the Cat' often have:
Balinese, Bengals, British and American Creams, British and Russian Blues, Fluffies, Havanas, Maine Coones, Norwegian Forest cats, Orientals, Persians, Siamese and Turkish Vans. And please don't forget the Tabbies and non-pedigreed cats. They are just as important.
Those brave hearted souls who have reached adulthood are forced into a quick trip to the Vet for sterilisation. (Just between us, Uncle Clawd was coloured unimpressed. He thought he was about to have a quick snooze, woke up, looked down.......!!). As far as sterilisation is concerned, apparently, FOTC's decision is final on this as the feline birth rate is exceptionally high.
Services rendered by 'Friends of the Cat'
Feral Cats
When it comes to our cousins in the wild, they can become a bit overwhelming, so our pals at 'Friends of the Cat' offer help and advice for sterilising and stabilising feral cat colonies.
If we've been abused or we're generally unwanted, 'FOTC' provide us with medical attention, trauma counselling along with rehabilitation and re-homing to approved homes.
Elderly and Indigent
Taking care of a beloved pet when someone is unable to do so and to motivate for reduced veterinary fees where possible.
Education and Publicity
You're not in this alone. We share your environment. 'Friends of the Cat' aim to increase public awareness of our role in society through education and publicity.
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For anyone wishing to leave a donation from a deceased estate, please use the contact details provided.
A few of Aunt Parsnip's friends
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